Cheater AE9★Yoda ━ 04/06


Today I was racing at exactly 11:00 AM (GMT+1) with some friends when a person called AE9 yoda joined our room. At first I was like "Nice, a strong random player joined!", but after 2 races, I realised he was nothing but a hacker.

Luigi Circuit, Lap3: He reds me before the items boxes (in 3rd). Then I got to snipe him with a green shell (pro), and I go away to the finish line. How big my surprise was to see AE9★Yoda activating a star to take shortcut and pass me. Activating a star in 3rd after redding someone is truly impossible... I had really a lot of doubts, so I stayed one more race, just to see if my doubts somehow get confirmed.

Mario Circuit: Here we are. I got here my proof that he's a cheater... Firstly, he took the WR shortcut with a Golden (or 3 shrooms, I don't know). Anyway, it is NOT possible for you to get an item after taking the WR shroomcut. He just sniped the player in front of him with triple green shells, threw a bomb backwards (that hit me), then trolled me and a japanese player with a star. Yay... Really clever hacker we got there. But that is not all! At the end of the third lap, when he was far in the back (trolling players with stars....), he activated a speed hack bullet bill, to pass me and my friend at the end.

Conclusion: AE9 Yoda is a hacker! If you race him, please tell me. If you know where to contact him, please tell me as well.

You can ask the players that were in the WW if you do not trust me:


Speechless. Thanks for reading.


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